I completed my longest run ever this morning.  7.39 miles and that doesn’t include the .45 mile warmup jog.  I think my longest previous run was near 6.7 miles and was about 16 months ago.   It was also the longest time-wise I have ever run.  1 hour and 12 minutes.  Had I been running alone I probably would have been done in around 1 hour 5 minutes, maybe a little less.

I organized a couple of friends from work for the run.  It worked out okay, but they ended up running a bit slower than I would have normally.  That was probably a good thing as I had a sore foot.  The slow pace made for a nice easy run.  We ran my usual loop twice through the park.  I probably could have done another loop if I had felt like pushing myself.

Next week is a step-back so my long run is a only 5 miles, but I do increase my sorta-long Wednesday run from 3 to 4 miles.

I’m actually pretty excited that I made it.  I had two really lousy runs in a row this week.  Tuesday was okay, but nothing exceptional. Wednesday and Thursday were just awful.  I felt like I was running through molasses.  Every step was so much work and I was running so slowly.  I had serious doubts about today.  If I can stay healthy the marathon is actually seeming doable.
So yippee for me!


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2 Comments on Longest Run Ever

  1. patrickmazda@gmail.com says:

    great effort and result! showing up is half the battle!
    may your spring weather hold out,
    dont scrimp on running shoes!
    how RED you must have been!
    get JS to go with you

  2. Joshua says:

    Don’t worry about the running shoes. I’m spending plenty. I’ll need another pair before the marathon though because they are only good for 300-500 miles and I’ll be well over 400 when the marathon starts.

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