You may catch more flies with honey, but you catch more little boys dressed as spiders by handing out free candy. It didn’t take Wesley more than one house to realize that this was the best day ever. By the second house he was trying to go inside. If they give out candy at the door imagine what they have stashed away in the living room.


We only went around one block and it went pretty well. It is a little different here than in Washington. The weather is so warm (it is 10p here and still 69F) that a lot of folks sit around on their porch, driveway or lawn and hand out candy. Wesley was a little intimated by them if there were more than a few especially if they were in costume.



Near the end he did get frightened by a boy in a “Scream” mask. He was pretty terrified and let out a sad squealing sort of scream before I scooped him up. I carried him home as Amber and our friends finished up the block with their son. Wes and I turned on the LED “candles” in the pumpkins (so Wesley didn’t get burned) and waited. We had more than I thought and we gave away a pretty good chunk of candy. I’m sad, but it is probably for the best. I’ve still got plenty to munch.


Of course the trouble with having kids of your own is that while you are out begging strangers for candy, you can’t be giving somebody else’s kid cavities. It is kind of a catch-22. We mostly got older kids, but all costumed so it was still fun.


Jillian did great. She was asleep in five minutes but still super cute. She is covered in glitter, but none got in her eyes so no major screaming fits. She just looks good in bug eyes and pipe cleaner antennae. I’m not saying she should dress that way all the time, but if she did I’d be okay with it.



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