Along with the tiling project we’ve had a few other projects mostly electrical.  First we put in a new thermostat (thanks to my dad).  It has about a million options, but is frankly darn cool with it’s touch screen and all.  A couple of hours of fiddling through the settings and we once again had heat.  The best part is that it switches from heating to cooling and back automatically.  We have had a couple days in the last month that we’ve needed both A/C and heat within a few hours of each other.

Then a couple of days ago I was turning on the dining room light when I got a shock.  Not one of those little shocks you get when you have a nifty static buildup.  No, this was a shock that made me glad I wasn’t holding Jillian or Wesley at the time.  So in one of my many trips to Home Depot for tile supplies I picked up a new dimmer switch.  I started flipping breakers in the garage and then testing the circuit with my multimeter.  After doing all of them I got a bit concerned.  All breakers off, 110v coming across the switch.  Hmmm…  So I went outside.  Yes here in Texas they put individual breakers on the outside of house.  I thought it might just be my house.  After all a builder who glues tiles to the wall might just be a bit lazy with other things too.  But I talked to Chris who told me his house has the exact same thing.  He has a NICE house.

So to turn off the breaker for our lights I have to go outside, around the side of the house and flip it there.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’ve never seen anything like that in Washington.  Maybe it’s common other places, but it still makes zero sense.


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