Volvo C30 - rear

While on my run today I saw for the first time a 2008 Volvo C30.  All in all it is an okay looking car and being a Volvo I’m sure it is a fine car.  But what immediately caught my eye was the rear hatch and glass.  It reminded me of something, but what?  Oh that is right.  An AMC Gremlin.  That is a good choice.  Let’s build a car that looks like the ugliest car ever designed.

72 Gremlin

On the other hand the rear hatch does kind of remind me of a Ford Pinto too.  Another good car to model after.

78 Pinto

Maybe it’s just me.


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5 Comments on Good Role Models

  1. Patrick C says:

    with you and darin gone, my car talk is only with kev, and he knows his stuff! I still need to give the new volvo a close look-see..between honda stores, I worked at seattle volvo on cap hill for 3 months, did you know?

    i sold Heidi a 72 pristine pinto blue/white w/ sun roof ( fixed glass panel) SHE HAD IT FOR 5 YRS? I bought it from an old man, it was mint!

  2. JB Fox says:

    While the new volvo’s rear glass may remind you of the old Ford Pinto, let’s hope it doesn’t blow up should you get hit from behind!

  3. Nic says:

    No way! those Gremlins were awesome! Now a Ford Pinto, yes, very ugly and a pos!

  4. Johan says:

    If you all want to know the Volvo C30 actually is designed after two older volvo models. The volvo 480 that came out in 1988 and also volvo p1800/p1900 that I think was made in the 1960-1970′s. search for those on google and you will sethe design cues.

  5. Linnae says:

    I agree with Nic. The Gremlin was an awesome car. I had a 1971 and, I believe, it may have bee the first hatch back. I had a stick and live in Minnesota, that car when through any type of weather I could throw at it. I even caught a hugh snapping turtle and put it in the back to sell to a bait shop. It was a fun car full of fun memories. Now the Pacer… that was an ugly car.

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