We dropped Amber and Jillian off at the airport yesterday. And aside from a bumpy start it went pretty well. Wesley was sad and cried a bit, but we talked on the way home and he calmed down by the time we got off airport grounds. Five minutes later he was asleep.

I don’t really think he gets that Amber and Jillian are in Florida and that Florida is a long way off. Every time their is a noise outside he runs to the door and says “Mommy home?”. We’ve talked to her a few times on the phone, but still I don’t think he really understands. He isn’t too upset, but did ask a few times today when Amber would be home.

We have been having a pretty good time together. We went to the park, fed the geese and dug in the dirt. We’ve played soccer and filled up the bird feeder. Tomorrow we’ll go to Whataburger for dinner and get a milkshake then we’ll stop at the playground and play. I’m trying to keep him busy, but also keep him on a more or less normal routine.

I’ve really had a good time with him. I haven’t gotten to spend so much time with him in just about forever. It is amazing how much easier it is with just one kid. Somehow one kid and one parent is easier than two kids and two parents. I’m not sure why, but it is. And it is exponentially easier than one parent and two kids. I don’t know how Amber does it.


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