Well, my right calf is still sore.  It doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  It hurts at the top of the muscle, below the knee.  It is most noticeable when I’m running, but also when I squat down (as to pick up Jillian from the floor).  Stretching helps for a bit (maybe 10 minutes), but then it gets sore again.  I haven’t noticed any real improvement since my 20 mile run.

I haven’t run at all since the 5 miles I did last Sunday and in general I’ve been laying off doing much of anything too physical.  I’ll just keep stretching and keep doing nothing until the marathon if I have to.  I’ll definitely run the race regardless of how it feels.  I haven’t been doing this since October to have to quit.  It hurt for 18 miles last time, I guess hurting for another 8 won’t be too bad.  One bummer is that I bought a new pair of shoes to race in (and to have afterwards as mine are pretty much run out), but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to put enough miles on them to break them in before the marathon.  So I’ll probably stick with my old worn out ones.  They may not have much cushion left, but they fit my feet and I know they don’t give me major blisters or rub in a bad spot.


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  1. Patrick C says:

    you amaze and inspire me as always, Pat

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