The marathon is drawing nigh.  As it does I’m getting kind of anxious.  Running related activities (with the exception of actually running) make me more anxious.  Stretching is the worst as I’m sitting on the floor with nothing really to do, but get nervous.

The TV down here isn’t really helping any.  They have been running commercials about the race for a few days (mostly calling for volunteers) and I get just a wee bit queasy when I see them.  Plus the weather is looking a bit iffy.  You should have seen the weather folks on each of the local news stations last night.  They were giddy, positively giddy I tell you, at the prospect that it might rain on the runners.  Rain itself can be a big deal down here, but add to the fact that it is raining on 13,000 idiots running and you’ve got news.

Then the marathon website keeps adding more content.  Things like a course map and most recently course videos. The videos show the view out the window of a car driving the course.  The videos are very, very sped up.  They still take 14 minutes to watch.  I started watching these things and even at driving speed, faster than you could actually drive it because the video is sped up so much and because they have cut out all the waiting at lights, I still got bored and couldn’t watch the whole thing.  Now I have to run it in real time.  Go ahead and try to watch them.  Tell me if by the 2nd minute you aren’t bored out of your mind and thinking, man this is a really, really long way.


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  1. Dave says:

    We know you can do it Josh! No need to be anxious just because your mom and I are flying down to watch! And Corey, too; he’s coming down. And his friend. And your sister is spending the weekend to support you. And you’ve been writing this blog all along. Did you tell people at work? They’ll probably be watching. But really, no worries.

    Seriously, it’ll really put a damper on the whole vay-cay if you don’t finish. “Awkward!”

    No, no, no… I’m kidding, of course! Stay healthy and do whatever you need to do. You’ve already done more than most people would’ve (except for those running FREAKS who do this all the time) and I’m already impressed. You freakin ROCK!

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