Joshua on April 21st, 2008

We got the kids up and in the car as planned. The garage door closed at 12:40am. Wesley decided that he had slept enough and kept me and Amber busy for about three hours complaining, talking, and eating beef jerky. He mostly wanted to see cows, which I can tell you, are hard to spot […]

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Joshua on April 21st, 2008

Well, we made it home.  We had a great time, but I don’t think we’ll be doing anything quite that adventurous again.  At least not anytime really soon.  I’m planning to write more about each day of our trip in the coming days so stay tuned.  In the meantime you can peruse our pictures, many […]

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Joshua on April 16th, 2008

Later this evening, or very early tomorrow morning, we will load the kids in the car, and start driving to New Mexico. We won’t arrive until mid morning and hopefully Wesley and Jillian will have slept through most of it. At least that is the plan. Even short car rides of 30 minutes or less […]

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Joshua on April 14th, 2008

It was quite a while ago that I first heard about, but our upcoming trip (specifically the eight to ten hour drives in each direction) brought it back to my attention.  Librivox is a site that as they say “provides free audiobooks from the public domain.”  They do this in a marvelous way.  Once […]

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