So here is a very late and abridged version of our camping experience…  This is the positive highlights.  I will keep the not so positive parts as distant memories that I don’t really want to relive.

We camped with a group of Joshua’s co-workers and friends June 21-22 at Emma Long Metropolitan Park, which runs along Lake Austin.  This is the view from our campsite looking down to the water.  (It is taken at about 10 at night.)

A friend got a boat for the morning and the group took turns going out on the boat.  Joshua, Wesley, Jillian, Elliott and I were all passengers for the following pictures:

Wesley was unsure of being on the raft.  He was on it total of maybe 3 minutes.

Joshua love it!!!  He was amazing.  He was even doing a couple of 360′s.

Then it was my turn with Jillian.  But all she wanted to do was go to sleep.  She almost fell asleep on her 3 minute raft ride.

Then I told Bill (who was driving the boat) that I wanted to crash into the water.  Big mistake.  It really hurts.  This is me right before I landed face first on the lake.  My black eye lasted less than a week.  :)

Then after lunch, Joshua took the kayaks out.  He took Wesley and Elliott for a ride and Mat was in the green boat.   After he took the kids out he went out on his own.  He paddled  down and into a channel and saw some amazing wildlife and a really cool zip line that connected two houses on either side of the channel.  How cool would that be?

While Joshua was out on his own, Jillian really wanted to be in the kayak.  She tried to climb into the seat and then climbed up on top of the kayak and back down the other side over and over.

The rest of the time was pretty much spent doing this…  They both loved the water.

Here is Joshua and Wesley at the end of the day.  He did not want to leave the water.

It was a fun experience.  I think the next time we go will be in the fall when it is much cooler and we can have a real camp fire.


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