I ran across instructions for making this thing online the other day.  Pretty simple really.

  1. Take a bottle and cut a hole in the bottom
  2. Attach a washcloth (I used a zip-tie, but a rubber band would work)
  3. Wet the washcloth
  4. Dip it in bubble solution or soap (adding a little water to Johnson’s baby soap works great and doesn’t sting the eyes)
  5. Blow into the bottle
  6. Play with tons and tons of bubbles (create hats, beards, castles etc)

The best part is that Amber thinks this is about the greatest thing ever. She can’t look at a container without thinking about how great a bubble snake machine it would make.  It tickles me just to think about how excited she gets by it.  We are going to try shapes next I think.  The rectangular bottle we use now makes rectangular snakes, so why not stars or hearts?

The Foamerator (via Make)


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  1. lily says:

    I love the idea!

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