Does she look malnourished to you?

Last Thursday we had our visit with the pediatric dietician.  We drove all the way out to the new Dell Children’s hospital (which by the way is in not very subtly shaped like a church with a tall steeple) on the recommendation of our pediatrician.

The dietician, Megan, was friendly, but wondered why we were there.  She actually asked us “Why is she here?” and said “When I walked in I thought I had the wrong room.  Because she doesn’t look the kids I usually see.”

When all was said and done she agreed that Jillian is fine.  She is small (3% for weight, 5% for height, 15% for head circumference), but growing.  She is clearly doing fine and is getting enough food.  Megan reviewed the food journal Amber has been keeping for the last few weeks and was impressed by the number of and variety of foods that Jillian happily eats (like peas and bell peppers for instance).

She had two recommendations for us:

  1. Give her a little more healthy fat (this morning I sprinkled a little olive oil in her oatmeal)
  2. Find a new pediatrician.  (Sort of the same feeling we got from the cardiologist)

At this point we’ve had two specialists tell us that Jillian is fine.  She is small, but fine.  And that our pediatrician should not have sent us for a visit, especially since Amber and I weren’t worried.  They’ve have also hinted (cardiologist) and told us outright (dietician) that we might consider a new doctor.  So we are.  The new doctor will be number four since we’ve moved to Austin.  If you have a good recommendation on a pediatrician in Austin I’d be glad to hear it.  We had a fabulous one in Seattle I’d happily refer you to if you need it.


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