• The bunny has come and gone. Eggs are in the yard. Raining. Kids asleep still. #
  • Wesley has been calling Marshmallow Peeps “Chickadees” for two days now. I hope he never stops. #
  • just found out my mom is getting married to dave, @reygnbull. congrats you guys! #
  • Don’t let Texas decide what your kids learn about science. We barely recycle. We be ignorant: scifri npr stream http://bit.ly/2eg7CG #
  • RT @scifri Astronaut Don Pettit is awesome. Want to be more like him mp3 intrvw http://bit.ly/2gOVQU vid of experiments http://bit.ly/zygQI #
  • Family is in #
  • That would be…Family is in Dallas getting ready to board. Good luck Amber. I love you guys! #
  • Family safe in NW. Miss them already. Amber left me treats for each day. She is awesome. #
  • never had a dog that burped before. redmond does. better than the alternative #
  • Cook’s Illustrated Special Offer http://bit.ly/12B9T Magazine subscription only $12/year (one year only) Good deal. Great magazine. #
  • Too much crate time for Redmond today. 4 mile run and still bouncing around like a rubber ball. He is driving me nutty. #
  • RT @codinghorror: rt @secretgeek http://3mindme.com/ is a brilliant service – email it when & what you want a reminder of and it emails you #
  • Woke up to simultaneous lighting and thunder so bright and loud it felt like it was in the bedroom. Now crazy amounts of rain. #


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  1. Janette says:

    I follow you on twitter…but this is cool too!

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