• I thought with the kids gone I’d be able to use the bathroom alone. Nope. Redmond has filled the void. #
  • Back from dinner at the neighbors. Quite good. Our house smells intoxicatingly like fresh bread. yummmmmmmmmmmm #
  • Yay! I have our old XP desktop running as a wireless router to connect my CCNA lab in the garage to my regular network. http://bit.ly/xprt #
  • RT: @scifri: Lyrid meteor shower this week – peak viewing predicted for 2 to 3 hrs before dawn on Wed the 22nd. http://is.gd/twvv #
  • Back from Walnut Creek with Mat, Becca, E and the dogs. Nice night. #
  • Otherthings-HowToMakeABaby568.flv (video/x-flv Object) http://bit.ly/NrzTA
    I think our way was more fun, but messier. #
  • Happy Birthday John Muir. Thanks for the National Parks! http://bit.ly/gTAXN #
  • Can’t wait to make these for the kids when they get home. Insert dried spaghetti into hot dogs, boil – Boing Boing… http://bit.ly/ryNYV #
  • Good Question. What if you kill ‘em with a big chunk of concrete? Bible say anything about that? – http://bit.ly/RcY7I #
  • HomeDepot ad: “bringing you locally selected plants” as opposed to locally grown. Ordered locally, shipped clear across the country. #
  • just walking redmond thru the park. nice at night. http://is.gd/tMjY #
  • RT @scifri: like hulu that won’t rot your brain.”impressed by new PBS full-length video portal: http://www.pbs.org/video …” #
  • Dog days of August are here. Just shy of 100 today. Oh, wait. It’s only april. #
  • Family is home. Better than Christmas! #
  • 3am and the kids are still awake. Now it’s like Christmas if all your presents started screaming mommy! daddy! #
  • Ammunition Shortage Hitting Central Texas:http://bit.ly/NkqTa – Does that mean I’m the only one not stockpiling guns and ammo? Uh, oh. #
  • if W says “yuck” at dinner J won’t eat either. Even if they have different things to eat . Aargh! #


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