• I just finished picking up the dog poop in the yard. It’s like the world’s worst Easter egg hunt. #
  • Just dropped Mom and Dave off at the airport. Sucks when they leave. #
  • Kids asleep. Sad to be back at work tomorrow. They are going to miss Mom and Dave when they get up. Me and Amber too. #
  • on my way to dallas to fix the 5e data collector. fingers crossed that it is something ridiculously simple (else I won’t have a clue) #
  • sitting at a wendys/subway/pilot gas station. which one is giving me gas? your guess. #
  • http://twitpic.com/63ahv – made it to the westin. dinner soon I hope #
  • just waiting for jeff then off to do something to that datacollector. what exactly I don’t know. #
  • data collectollecting data. of course now it looks corrupt. maybe we can salvage it yet. #
  • waiting to board sw flight 472 to Austin. home in time for diiner with Pat. #
  • back on the ground in austin. only 5 min late. grab bag, and dinner at fonda san miguel #


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