Despite the heat (actually looking at only 97 today!), we are heading out to go camping.  We purchased a tent back in May and have been waiting for it to cool off. Well that is obviously never going to happen, so we are just going to go anyway. We are headed out to Inks Lake State Park for one night of sweaty restlessness, marshmallow roasting and lake swimming.

Now something I never, ever thought I would buy is a tent fan.  But in this heat we had to have something to circulate some of the air.  I don’t expect much from Coleman design, but this is really pretty bad.  First, the thing uses 4D batteries and thus weighs 2.5 lbs.  It does come with a couple built in LEDs for a litttle light which is nice, but that is a lot of weight to be hanging from your tent.

Our new tent fan.

Our new tent fan.

To do the hanging they offer two options.  The plastic caribiner and a magnet system that you clip in and out of your tent.  The magnet is a pretty good idea, but the actual design is terrible.  As you can see in the picture the magnet is housed between two fairly sharp pieces of metal.  You are supposed to smashed that up against the side of your tent.  And the best part?  To remove it suggests you “Pivot to remove”.  They don’t say what you are supposed to do with the hole you cut in your tent.  The whole twisting sharp metal to remove it reminds me of nothing so much as cutting biscuits from dough.  Maybe if you bought a cheap Coleman tent at K-mart or Target you don’t care if it lasts or not, but this magnet of death isn’t getting anywhere near my tent.

Tent Hole Cutter.  Sorry, I mean fan hanging magnet.

Tent Hole Cutter. Sorry, I mean fan hanging magnet.


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