We had another great year of Trick or Treating in our Wells Branch neighborhood.  Like last year the Godfrey and Myers families came to beg candy from our neighbors.


This year Wesley wanted to be a ghost. He was keen on the idea of running around saying Boo!, but less keen on the idea of getting his hair sprayed white.



Jillian was less clear on what she wanted to be. A duck, a turtle, a ghost-duck, a ghost-turtle. Since she actually fit into the costume we made for Wesley’s first Halloween (after cutting out the feet) she got to be a turtle.  Plus, I wanted pictures of them both in the same costume.


The only downside to having Jillian dressed as a turtle was that she walked as slow as a turtle. She only hit every third or fourth house and was often being carried. On the upside she was pretty well content after she got three pieces of candy and would often stop to show me how much she had gotten.



By the end of the night the kids were ready to come home. Wesley raked in 3.25lbs of candy!  His bucket was pretty much full to the brim. He is currently hording it in his room. I just don’t understand that boy. I never could have let it sit like that. I’m more of an eat until I’m sick kind of a guy.


All our Halloween 2009 Photos on Flickr!


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