The last time we got to see Ryley on a regular basis he looked like this (seen here smashing ice):

Well he sure has grown up!

We were lucky enough to have him come visit and spend the night. We hardly ever get to see him because he (and the rest of his family of course) lived in Alaska and now Georgia. Plus when he did come to visit we lived in Texas so we didn’t get to see him. Well, we are home now and he his back visiting his dad for the summer. So we got to have him spend the night! The kids have been super excited about him coming all week, counting down the sleeps until he arrives. We haven’t seen him since…gosh…Ashley and Greg’s wedding in 2008. Because we have been having such warm, dry, sunny weather we headed down to Picnic Point, had a picnic and then played on the beach. Wesley was especially excited to see his big cousin.

The kids were really excited to see him (especially Wesley who loves hanging out with his older friends and cousins).

Here are some pictures from our beach trip, click them to enlarge. We waded in the Sound, rolled over logs and rocks (but didn’t find much because it was high tide), made a sand castle and generally had some goofy fun. The kids did not want to leave. When we got home they all had to have a shower to de-sand themselves from head-to-toe.

We really had a good time and I hope we get the chance to hang out with him again this Summer before he goes back to Georgia.  It has been way too long! We have lots more pictures of Ryley on Flickr.


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