On Saturday we met Mom and Dave and the kids at Big Lake Trees.  Luckily Joshua follows the best weather blog and we timed it so we did not get caught in the rain.  Thank you Cliff Mass!

We knew we wanted a noble fir – so we drove up to their upper lot.  They had a lot for us to choose from.

It was really hard to choose a tree.  Jillian liked just about everyone…

She liked this one right away.

Wesley was not picky – he just wanted to cut them all down!

Practicing his cutting.

Jillian really liked this small one!

Another suggestion - but we still can't decide.

We finally found one!

Trying for a group picture in front of the tree...

Joshua started the cutting – Wesley tried with all his might…but could not finish the cut – the Joshua finished cuttting it down.  Good thing the tree’s trunk was pretty small.

Doing his part to cut the tree down.

Back to the car we go.

While Joshua tied the tree to the car – I took a few more pictures.

With Yaya & Papa

They choose the tiniest tree to take a picture next to...

We then drove to Sedro-Woolley to make pizzelle cookies.

Heating up the irons.

Everyone dig in!

We all worked together to make a ton of little balls of dough.

We have enough to start cooking!

Can you tell which ones the kids made??  :)

The iron on the left is ours. The iron on the right is Kathleen's - who got it from her grandmother, Nani.

Quality testing...

They are so beautiful.

So as you can see… we had a very busy Saturday!


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3 Comments on Christmas Tree & Cookies Part 1

  1. Uncle John says:

    Man, I miss those cookies!!!

  2. Joshua says:

    John, I’ll pack some up and send them to your office with Corey.

  3. Uncle John says:

    Got them today. Almost all gone by 11am. Thanks.

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