On Sunday Adrianne came over and we decorated our tree.
Joshua of course put up the snowman topper.

Wesley and Jillian did most of the decorating, but we each took turns helping the kids put ornaments up on the higher branches.

Auntie Dri is so great with the kids!

And then we were done…

I wanted to try to get a family photo – but of course the kids would not cooperate for us.

We'll try again later in the week.

Trader Joe’s is selling large gingerbread men.  So we decided to try decorating them this year.

Adrianne and I worked on our own, while Wesley and Jillian got help from Joshua.

Adrianne with her Gingerbread Woman

Jillian's Gingerbread Girl

Amber with her Gingerbread Woman

Wesley and his Gingerbread Boy

All 4 cookies. Left to right: Amber, Jillian, Adrianne & Wesley

We could not have spent this very rainy Sunday in any better way!


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2 Comments on Christmas Tree & Cookies Part 2

  1. Janette Roberton says:

    I LoVE the gingerbread men. Are they meant to be anatomically correct?

  2. Joshua says:

    I wouldn’t say they are anatomically correct, but definitely anatomically interesting.

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