8 am… the kids are still asleep.  Joshua and I get up and get dressed.
8:14 Wesley wakes up and asks us if it is morning yet.
8:15 Out looking at the tree!

Excited to see that Santa brought him the pillow pet he wanted.

8:17 Goes and wakes up Jillian

8:17 Jillian is happy but much calmer than Wesley that Santa delivered gifts.

Here is how the next 23 minutes is spent:

Redmond jumps high for his toy from Santa.

Wooden airplane was on his list...

Proud to have her glass duckie ornament. She wanted a duckie thing from Santa.

"Santa brought me a new snow-globe! I have one again too." Her snow-globe was broken earlier in the week and was very happy to see Santa knew she needed another one.

And then she realized that Santa brought her the doll stroller she wanted!

The excitement that Wesley had for each item was simply amazing!

Santa brought her duckie chopsticks 2 years ago - but they broke. She was very happy to have another set.

Hugging the silly putty - so happy to have her own.

Content with her pillow pet.

Then Joshua and I opened our stockings.  But there are no pictures of us…

What a great way spend 35 minutes.  :)


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  1. Joshua says:

    Wesley isn’t crying in the 4th picture from the bottom. That is his “ooh this is so cute” face.

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