We got to Mom and Dave’s house around 1 and we wasted no time and straight to work…

He loves this mug!

Opening ballet outfit #1. She really wants to do ballet. We found a class for her that starts at the end of January.

In his batman cape/mask.

Then it was time for the adults to open their gifts – of course the kids had more too.

Jillian's pretty tutu.

A cool pretend mailbox and mail. Thanks Uncle Corey & Aunt Willow.

A knife sharpener from Mom and Dave - Thank you!

A very big counter-top griddle from Mom and Dave - Thank you!

Dave was surprised to find a gift from Santa under the tree.

Now it was time to play!

Aidan in the batman outfit & Jillian in ballet outfit #1.

Ballet outfit #1 - complete with gloves. Thank you Mom & Dave.

They are playing the quiet game to see who can stay quiet the longest. Jillian was out first, then Aidan. It was pretty much a tie between Corey and Wesley.

Then Aunt Lisa & Grandma and Grandpa Vert arrived just before dinner.

Opening their watches.

After dinner, it was more craziness.  :)

Trying to wear the tutu on her head - but it is much too small.

It fit Aunt Dri.

Dancing in ballet outfit #2. Thanks again Yaya & Papa!

Jillian getting cuddles from Yaya.

And cuddles from Auntie Lisa.

We had a very wonderful Christmas day.

And Wesley is already talking about what he wants to ask Santa for next year…  :)


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