One of my favorite parts about being back in the Northwest, aside from being close to family, the mountains, the green, and pretty much everything, is the beach. In Austin we were a good 3 hours away from a real beach. Here I’d say we are less than 10 minutes.  Today we went to the beach not because the weather was so great, but simply because it wasn’t raining. The wind made it rather cold, especially hands and fingers, but the kids had fun anyway.  They don’t seem to notice the cold at all until they get bored playing.

Playing with sticks.

Flying the kite. It almost got away, but we caught it.

Launching the kite.

It was chilly.

Jillian made sand castles.

Wesley helped.

Getting water for her project.

"Just one more detail."


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  1. JGibbons says:

    We miss the beach, too! The kids and the temperature thing is a fact…

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