Jillian LOVES  Hello Kitty!  So we had a fun Hello Kitty Party.

The Strawberry Hello Kitty Cake

All of our yummy snacks.

All set up for our pin the bow on Hello Kitty game.

Goodie bags for the kids. They included: a Hello Kitty coloring book that I made, bubbles and strawberry milk straws.

We had tattoos.

All of the kids put some on.

In the backyard we played catch

and horseshoes.

Then we played "Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty"

Wesley is ready to go...

Here is where everyone placed their bows.

Next we opened gifts - and boy was Jillian loved!


this one is from Wesley.

Blowing out her candles.

Super yummy cake!

Most the kids who celebrated with Jillian.

Then Jillian opened one last gift... a big kid bike and a new helmet!

With Yaya, Papa and Aidan.

With Grams and Aunt Ashley

Our attempt at a family photo...


Here first ride on her new bike.

Happy Birthday Jillian.  You are one lucky girl.

And thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us.  Jillian has been talking non-stop about her “Special Day” and how much she loved it!


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  1. sheree says:

    we missed a fun party! i loved the video of her opening her bike on fb. how cute!!

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