We had our first visit of the summer (now that it is almost over) to North Lynnwood Park.  I brought the bikes and the swim suits and we had a wonderful couple of hours.

They were so cute riding together.

Wesley mostly rode the .32 mile loop.  He rode around at least 6 times.

After a couple of laps around the park they cooled off in the sprinkler.

And blowing bubbles.

Filling her tub so she can get Wesley.

She is throwing her water onto me...

Then they started dumping water onto their heads.

I love how he is holding his nose.


Full dump with no nose holding. :)

Then I tried to get a picture of them together…this is the best I could get:

Jillian: 4y 0m 24d Wesley: 5y 9m 11d

Then they warmed up in the sun.

A bit of playing on the playground was next.

Monkey Bars!

40 minutes of bike riding rounded out the rest of our visit to the park.

We sure did enjoy our last day of summer vacation!


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