At the end of another nice Texas winter day (70-75F most days lately) we went to the park. We played and Wesley got tired and hot. So he sat down at the base of a tree to catch a rest and a little shade. Good idea. When we caught up to him he said “Ants!” and pointed a few feet in front of him. I immediately pulled him up and we brushed off ants from his legs and feet. Then we ripped off his pants and got those ants off too. Luckily he wasn’t on a big ant hill and the ants weren’t in full attack mode. He only got 7 bites total.  They bite repeatedly until you remove them.  As you can see the bites really swell up (those welts are about the size of a silver dollar and protrude about a half inch).  Amber and Wesley both tell me that they are really, really itchy. They itch for days. Poor guy… you can tell they are driving him crazy.


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