So the cable is back.  Either by another crazy coincidence or the fact that I ran a hundred feet of new cable our TV service has been restored.

In my defense I repeat:  The cable was run across the top of the ground through my flower bed.  Amber spoke to the neighbors and confirmed that their cable too just runs across the ground through their back yard.  Texas is messed up.  In Washington, at least everywhere I’ve lived, utilities come down the street, not in the back yard and they are buried or properly strung from poles.

Anyhow, we have 8 channels and nothing is on.


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  1. Dave says:

    “8 channels”? That’s like having NetZero and saying “I have the internet”. You don’t have cable; you have TV. What you cut out back was apparently connected to an antenna somewhere. We have basic cable and get more than 8 shopping channels alone. That’s why the cable is lying out on the ground like that; who’s going to splice in just for 8 channels?
    But maybe its different in Texas. Everything else is.

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