Today is the 11th anniversary of our first date. 11 years…crazy. The picture above was taken on the last day of school of our Senior year. So it must have been within a week of our first official date. (Yes I’ve had the same haircut since highschool. Longer actually.) Even though we are married we still like to remember June 3rd. Somehow it feels like we are short changing ourselves if we only celebrate our wedding anniversary. After all, we’ve only been married a meager 5 years (almost).



2 Comments on Happy 11th Date-iversary To Us!

  1. Dave says:

    First of all, congratulations! That be a long time! Second, you look exactly the same now as you did then. Weird. Amber looks more beautiful each day; you, you never change.


  2. patrick says:

    agree with dave! I did like your hair longer, like when we had dinner the other day…..and you were the trendy dresser back in the day!

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