I know…everyone says this, but it is true. Our kids are so sweet. They are loving and kind and want to share their love with everyone.

Wesley is always giving hugs and kisses. He will kiss you elbow, knee, arm, cheek, nose… for no reason at all, but to give you a kiss. He gives them to me, Joshua, Jillian, other parents and other kids.
Wesley will thank you for doing regular stuff. Like at dinner – he will say “Thank you for making this nice dinner” and today walking back from the pond he said “Thank you for the nice little walk to the pond”.

Jillian blows kisses without being prompted. At bedtime when I say goodnight to Wesley and I am holding her she will blow him a kiss. She knows that goodnight means giving kisses.
Jillian will wave hello and goodbye to everyone. But her favorite person to say hello, goodbye or blow kisses to is Joshua. She loves her daddy!!

I am so grateful to have sweet kids, it just makes any bad behavior more tolerable because I know that the hard times won’t last long and my happy/loving kids will return a wave, a hug and/or a kiss.


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2 Comments on The Best Kids Ever

  1. Dave says:

    You have such sweet kids because they have such sweet parents! They are tiny reflections o the both of you, and learned what they know from you. What a loving, safe home you have created for them! You are both such amazing parents!

    And your kids are sweeter than most; no doubt about that.

    Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Kathleen says:

    OK, I may be a little biased here but your kids are PERFECT! And Dave is right – they have the best parents they could possibly have, and they thrive because they are loved and nurturted and spoiled by their Yaya and Papa. (You can strike that last part if you want.) They are both beautiful, healthy, strong and opinionated little souls – no pushovers here. What could be better? You are not raising “good” kids – you are raising kids with the capability of becoming competent, caring adults. Just like you. And that is really what parenting is all about. I love you guys. sorry for the sermon…

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