So we went to the zoo last week.  I’ll let Amber write about that if she wants.  It was fun.  But the best part, for me at least, came in the first few minutes.  We were looking at the White-Handed Gibbons when I thought to myself “That monkey looks like he is going to poop”.  You learn to spot that look when you have children.  You can sense it even across the room.  My first reaction of course was to get the camera ready.  And sure enough he swung out onto a branch over the water and “dropped the kids off at the pool” as Adrianne would say.  The turtles in the pond came rushing over.  I’ll leave that part to your imagination.

Go ahead.  Click on the photo to see a bigger copy.  I won’t tell anyone.  Here it is on Flickr too!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Josh – You’re hilarious!!

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