Turns out Jillian is allergic to Amoxicillin.  And that we should probably stay away from the other -cillins too, like Penicillin for instance.  During her one year checkup the doctor noticed some fluid behind her ears and even though she wasn’t complaining gave her the antibiotics to stop the pending ear ache.  I sure am glad we caught it in time though, poor Cal.

She took the medicine for 8 days before we noticed anything so we didn’t think much of it.  At first it looked like a little heat rash, which the kids get down here all the time, because, well, it is hot all the time.  But as the weekend wore on she was covered head to toe.  On her face, her chest, her back and arms and legs.  Under her clothes and under her diaper.  So that ruled out the new laundry sheets.  By Monday she was a mess.  She’d gone from being covered in individual spots to being covered (on some parts of her body) by one big red amorphous blob.

In to the doctor we went.  He said allergy to the antibiotics, nothing we can do.  So we didn’t do anything.  It doesn’t bother her and it is almost all gone now.  Just a few sprinkles left on her legs.  We did skip the Austin Hot Sauce Festival on Sunday though for fear that either the rash was photosensitive (it was worse on her face and arms) or that it would not react pleasantly with sunscreen


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2 Comments on My Little Sprinkles

  1. Lisa says:

    This can also happen if you have mono and they give you amoxicillin. This is what I looked like when I had mono while I was pregnant! It truly doesn’t hurt, it just looks really bad :(

  2. Julie & Ian says:

    Poor Jillian!! That’s what we gave Cal and I didn’t even think about the possibility of an allergic reaction. You are very lucky that the dr. caught the infection before it got bad – ear infections are brutal!!

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