• Wesley thought this "mattress dominoes" world record attempt video was so funny we watched it 4 times tonight. http://bit.ly/1UT12I #
  • It's 1am Sunday morning. My RAID reconfigure is only 34% done. I started at 10pm. I don't like this math. Why do you all keep so much email? #
  • Amber up with J since 4a when she told her she wouldn't make oatmeal. A stuck to her guns (good). Me, I negotiate w/ terrorists. J = :) #
  • Baked a lot this weekend. A loaf of whole wheat with molasses, two pizzas, and two loaves of very yummy cinnamon raisin swirl. #
  • it is almost 730a and I am already drinking a Dr. Pepper, but it's okay because I've already been at work 3 hours. Problem solved though! #
  • How do you get down an escaped balloon with 16ft ceilings? With a leaf blower of course. http://flic.kr/p/7gq2pD #
  • Saints preseve me! I'm back at the Sprint store. #
  • Mountain Goats at Antone's in Austin tonight! $16 tix. Oh why did I procreate? http://www.antones.net #
  • Jillian in the shower with goggles. http://flic.kr/p/7gKtqm #
  • 2 hours of cuddling, 1 hour of screaming bloody murder and J is still awake. #
  • On our way to Phil's Ice House/Amy's for burgers and ice cream and a little playground time. #Austin #
  • Sure the one time I actually try to use foursquare (we don't go anywhere to check in to) their servers are down for maintenance. #


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