Saturday November 26th Wesley turned 6 and we had his party the same day!  It is the first time this has happened.

They are ready to celebrate!

in the tv room

the green room

vests, bandanas, eye-patches & gold earrings for everyone.

the goodie bags

the kids and I made repurposed crayons in pirate shapes.

looking in to the front door area





After a lunch of macaroni & cheese, pasta salad, green salad, rolls & fruit… it was time to hit the piñata.

Wesley starts us off.

Then Addison







then Wesley again with a strong finish!

they quickly filled their treasure chests.

Then it was cake time.  To see more about the cake you can see the post I did about it here.
Before we sang to Wesley, the kids who wanted to – got to launch the cannons too.

Wesley launching the cannons.

a nice and powerful jump.

Jillian launching the cannons. The small black dot near the edge of the table is one of the cannon balls.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Wesley. (not quite sure what Jillian is doing...)


Wesley is still talking about his party and had such a wonderful birthday!

Thank you to all of our guests – you really made it magical for him.


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  1. [...] Wesley wanted a pirate ship cake with real cannons to launch for his 6th birthday. [...]

  2. sheree says:

    what a fun party! we sooo missed out! thank you for ALWAYS thinking of my kiddos. you did such a good job, i have no idea where you and joshua get the energy – share with me, please! :)

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