Wesley has been dying to lose a tooth. He has been talking about it for months and months. Everyone else at school has lost teeth (2 on average). His two center bottom teeth have been loose for a long time. When we went to the dentist we could see the new teeth in the x-rays just barely below the surface. Then you could see the new teeth pushing up through the gums and still the baby teeth wouldn’t give up. Finally last Saturday (04/14/2012) the first tooth popped out. Well it got caught on his shirt actually, popped out onto the floor and then went missing for about 15 minutes. But we found it and the tooth fairy rewarded him with a $2 bill. And now that second bottom tooth is so loose I’m afraid he is going to swallow it in his sleep.

Amber was gone when the tooth fell out and wouldn’t be home before bed time so Wesley drew her a picture explaining the whole thing.

The red circle is his mouth. You can see his throat and uvula in the center. Teeth all around the circle and the red mark on the bottom is the bloody part of his gum where his tooth used to be. In black you see the tooth popping out of his mouth. In pencil you see me and YaYa looking around on our hands and knees for missing tooth. At bottom-right are two pictures of Wesley. On the left, “Sad” and on the right, “Hapee”.



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  1. kathleen says:

    I love that kid.

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