Out our window, on our deck or right out on the beach… here are just a few of the beautiful animals we have seen since we moved in.

Watching the deer eat right outside our window.

A rock crab at low tide.


Sea Stars

Big purple sea stars out on 2nd rock at a very low tide.

Shield-backed Kelp Crab

An Osprey

the Osprey diving into the water

And coming up with a fish.

A Doe and her Fawn in the driveway

The Fawn is trying to get down to the Doe.

The kids were playing outside and saw this almost mature Bald Eagle fly land on the tree.

I took this from the deck. I hope he comes back!





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  1. Jason says:

    It’s so neat the kids get to see all of that just right around their house. They’ll have a greater understanding of the outdoors than most kids – that’s awesome. J

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