This site, JoshuaHunter.com, is simply a place for me to post updates about my family and myself. The blog (the part you are looking at now) is mostly for updates and the content changes frequently. The wiki portion is more stable and contains notes and links I might need in the future.


I am the father of two small kids and the husband of one incredible wife. I work as a system admin for a small telephone company, Tel West, in Austin, TX. We moved to Texas in July 2007 and can’t wait to get back to Washington state. Nothing personal Texas, we just miss our family. I am an amateur photographer and love to hike and kayak. I’m currently training for my first marathon and a lot of the blog is about that topic. Someday soon I’d like to run my own business(es). I like the idea of working any 80 hours a week I choose.

About the Site: Technical Details

I use WordPress to power the blog portion of the site. It offers extensibility, easy setup and a large community of users that you can glean info from. It does require MySQL. The wiki portion runs on PMwiki. A simple to install flat file wiki that I’ve been using for a number of years. It also has a large, active community of users.

I register my domain names using domainsite.com. I’ve found them to be inexpensive, easy to use and allow me to control virtually all of the settings possible with my domain information. They aren’t flashy, but they get the job done.

For hosting I can’t recommend a2hosting.com highly enough. They have been a perfect host since I first switched to them in November 2006. Their uptime is better than 99.9% and they always send notices ahead of scheduled maintenance. I am quite capable of running my own webserver and have in the past. Why don’t I do that now? Wouldn’t it be free? I don’t do it now because with A2 I get a more reliable system with much less work. The uptime is better and I spend none of my time troubleshooting the server. And surprisingly it actually costs less for the package I use than to pay for the electricity to run my own. Note: In full disclosure I get credit for each new customer that signs up using the previous link. If for whatever reason you’d rather not use that link please visit a2 at http://a2hosting.com.


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