Marathon Training Log:

I am tracking all of my training in a spreadsheet. I’m also making the info available online in a webpage. Specifically I’m tracking:

  • run distance
  • run time
  • minutes per mile
  • whether I stretched or not
  • my weight
  • my body fat percentage (“lots” is not a percentage, but still accurate)
  • outside temperature during the run

The goal is two-fold. First I want to keep track of the data so I can improve my performance and stay healthy. Secondly I want to put it all up so that I’ll feel motivated to keep going. If it has been a few days since you’ve seen an update, please give me hell. You’ll notice that the weeks start on Monday. I found it more satisfying to have the race at the end of a week instead of the beginning. Since it is Sunday 02/17 my calendar starts Monday. This is not without precedence. Many countries do the same thing. It puts the weekend at the week’s end.

Marathon Training Log

Run Maps:

I get much of my data from my gps watch that I wear during my runs. Using a Perl script that I have modified slightly from one I found online I have maps of each of my runs. On the page you’ll get:

  • a Google map showing the run
  • the run track plotted point by point with mile markers
  • a breakdown of mile speeds
  • notes about the run

Run Maps Google Mashup is my favorite online run mapping and planning site. If you create a free account you can create runs by clicking on Google maps. It will draw the route as you click and give you the mileage. You can generate routes and then use them to keep track of your training. You can enter in your times and distances, keep track of your shoes (about 400-500 miles is all you should expect for a pair of running shoes). They also let you share the routes and have a searchable database of runs. Great if you are looking for a route while traveling. The site is part of the larger which includes sites for mapping and tracking your hikes, bike rides, triathlons and walks. Create an account at one and it will work with the others. If you don’t have a gps this is the best way to know exactly how far you ran. Below is a link to my routes and to my training log.