Joshua on January 26th, 2008

We dropped Amber and Jillian off at the airport yesterday. And aside from a bumpy start it went pretty well. Wesley was sad and cried a bit, but we talked on the way home and he calmed down by the time we got off airport grounds. Five minutes later he was asleep. I don’t really […]

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Joshua on January 25th, 2008

While on my run today I saw for the first time a 2008 Volvo C30.  All in all it is an okay looking car and being a Volvo I’m sure it is a fine car.  But what immediately caught my eye was the rear hatch and glass.  It reminded me of something, but what?  Oh […]

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Joshua on January 25th, 2008

I completed my longest training run before the marathon today.  I managed 20.25 miles at 9:41 minutes per mile.  Slower than I’d like to run in the marathon, but faster than I had planned today and that included a large number of interruptions.  Traffic lights, crosswalks, traffic and even a train slowed me down a […]

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Joshua on January 23rd, 2008

Along with the tiling project we’ve had a few other projects mostly electrical.  First we put in a new thermostat (thanks to my dad).  It has about a million options, but is frankly darn cool with it’s touch screen and all.  A couple of hours of fiddling through the settings and we once again had […]

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