Joshua on July 28th, 2008

Our front lawn as it turns out is mostly not grass.  We’ve known that for a while.  Wesley and I spent a few weekend pulling weeds and all that was left was dirt mostly.  So we decided to redo the lawn.  To that end we haven’t been watering at all this summer (the front yard […]

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Amber on July 20th, 2008


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Joshua on July 13th, 2008

Wesley has had a fever on and off over the last few days. I think he is past it now and has been feeling much better for the last day or so. I picked him up from a friend’s house (she was watching him while I was at work and Amber is off gallivanting around […]

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Joshua on July 3rd, 2008

I ran across instructions for making this thing online the other day.  Pretty simple really. Take a bottle and cut a hole in the bottom Attach a washcloth (I used a zip-tie, but a rubber band would work) Wet the washcloth Dip it in bubble solution or soap (adding a little water to Johnson’s baby […]

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