Today I mostly just hung out with Wesley. We spent a lot of time drawing on the driveway with chalk. That is probably his number one pastime. He doesn’t do much drawing himself, although he does like to break the chalk in half. Mostly he dictates what should be drawn. In our driveway right now we have fish, a giant carrot, an alligator, a goose and too many other animals to mention.

Wesley Chalk

During the hot afternoons we are relegated to the shady portions of the driveway. Not because of the 90+ degree weather, but because the driveway is just too hot for Wesley to handle. He can’t sit on it if the sun has been baking down.

Today we saw a small beetle. It wasn’t moving much and when the wind blew it flipped him over. Wesley was very concerned and ordered him “up” as he tends to do. I tried to explain that the beetle wasn’t going to get up, but that wasn’t much help. I flipped him back upright, but Wesley wasn’t satisfied. He wanted that bug to be moving. It old Wesley that the beetle was sick and got even more concerned. He repeated “sick” many times and I finally distracted him by being eaten by the alligator. As soon as Amber got home he told her about the sick beetle. After his nap we were back outside for a bit and he immediately went to where the beetle was and said “sick?”. I told him the beetle must have gotten better because he was now gone. Thank you stiff breeze.

I love that about him. Both his concern for others that he sees as being hurt (be it Rudy, Mom, or a bug) and also the fact that he never ever forgets anything. Guaranteed that he’ll mention the sick beetle tomorrow.


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