We (Amber and I, Becca was kind enough to watch Wesley) went to the OB today. Another long wait…sure do miss Gina LaGalbo in Seattle. Amber is now 5cm. I think the doc is finally catching on. She didn’t push any interventions this time. Just said that next week we’ll have to talk. We are hoping that it won’t matter come next week, but we made another appointment anyway. Who knows with this kid, we thought we wer going to meet this baby 2 weeks ago.

This office has the longest waits ever. We’ve never actually left because of the wait (I have a history of doing this), but they are painfully long. 45 minutes is not unusual. Amber and I were joking about how being at the doctor is just like going to the DMV. So, what the heck after the appointment I did go to the DMV to get my license.

Got in line to fill out a form so I could get my number to get in the loooong line. I was number 277. Great, thats a nice number. Starts out well. Twos are always good (being the only even prime and all) then follows up with two lucky sevens. Unfortunately the folks at the DMV were only handling 224. My ticket (later to be found a liar) said my estimated wait time was ten minutes. The line did move okay, but in fits and spurts. I waited 50 minutes to get my turn.

All is well that ends well. A few minutes talking to Nora about the differences between Washington and Texas licenses. How weird we (those from WA) are. I thought it behooved me to just smile and nod. Now I just have to wait 4 weeks to get my official Texas Driver’s license. How is the photo? I don’t know. Unlike us weirdos from Washington, the temp license for Texas is just a piece of paper about 6 inches wide and 4 inches high with no photo. How do I prove it is actually mine? I don’t know. Hope not to have to find out.

In case you are wondering $24 for 6 years, plus another $15 for my motorcycle endorsement (I can dream, can’t I?).


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