I ran, and you probably guessed it from the title, 18.25 miles today. It took just under 3 hours. That is a long damn run, let me tell you what. If someone says, “Hey, wanna go for an 18.25 mile run?” you just tell ‘em “Hell no, do I look stupid to you?”.

I ran by Lake Pflugerville. I had no idea there even was a lake. Neither did Google Maps. Turns out they built the thing in 2005/6. It has a nice path around it, I’m guessing we’ll go for a walk there sometime soon. There isn’t a single large tree so it won’t be any fun at all this Summer. All in all it was a nice surprise.

On my run I once again saw my favorite road warning sign of all time. It is a very common sign here in Texas :

“Observe Warning Signs
State Law”
Yes, a warning sign telling you that it is State Law to observe warning signs. Seems to me that if you were planning on ignoring warning signs, you’d just ignore this one too. Maybe they have some minimum number of signs per mile they have to meet and this seemed as good as any. They’ve got signs reminding you to do regular maintenance to your car too. Big state, nothing else to look at, means lots of room for road signs I guess.

Another 8 miles and it’ll be a marathon.


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