Wesley has had a fever on and off over the last few days. I think he is past it now and has been feeling much better for the last day or so. I picked him up from a friend’s house (she was watching him while I was at work and Amber is off gallivanting around in the Great Northwest) and he was lethargic. This is a very unusual state for Wesley “I’m not tired” Hunter. He felt hot so I decided to take his temperature and headed upstairs to get the thermometer.

Me (bottom of stairs): Wesley I’m going to get the thermometer to take your temperature.

Wesley (on couch laying there like a lump): No.

Me (Stick out my tongue and give him the Raspberry): Yes.

Wesley: No. I’m not sick.

Me: Yes you are I need to take your temperature.

Wesley: No. I’m fine.

Wesley (slumps over on couch): Not sick.

Me (silly voice): Yes.

Wesley: No.

Me (half way up stairs): Yes.

Wesley: No.

Me: Yes.

Wesley: No.

Me: Yes.

Wesley: No.

Me (top of stairs): No!

Wesley: YES!

Wesley (Confused look. Realizes he has just been tricked. Not sure what to do.):

Wesley(Slumps back on couch. Too tired to figure it out.):

It was just like a Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoon. They argue back and forth and finally Bugs changes positions and Daffy insists and shoots himself in the face with a shotgun. Okay, maybe not exactly like the cartoon.

Turns out he had a fever of 103.5 F. Some Tylenol and sleeping in our bed for two nights helped him feel better. He’s back to his normal self. I’m sure if he had been feeling better he would have been too quick to trick.


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2 Comments on Bugs Bunny Moment

  1. Kahleen says:

    I tried that on you and it worked – but only once! I’m glad you are all back to feeling better.

  2. pat says:

    your to young to use the word “gallivanting”

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