25,034 items on Flickr

Today we hit a pretty big milestone on Flickr.  Okay it isn’t really a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things, but today we uploaded our 25,000th photo to Flickr.  And then kept right on going.  Of those photos less than 11,000 are publicly viewable.  Most of the rest are visible to contacts marked as friends or family while a few remain private for only Amber and I.  We “censor” or trim the photos that are visible to the public for two reasons:  1) We take too many photos.  Unless you are a dedicated Wesley or Jillian fan you’d probably give up when faced with fifty pictures of the kids in the living room and miss the photos of the kids at the park that we also uploaded that day.  2) There are a lot of weirdos out there.  We make non-public any photos that show any parts of the kids that aren’t usually visible in public.

You’ll also notice we are closing in on 100,000 views (so keep looking at those photos people).  I’m sure I’ll post about that milestone as well, when the time comes.


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