We took Jillian for her 15 months well check on Tuesday.  We went to hopefully our last pediatrician in Austin – we are on #4 now.

And guess what???  She is still small!

Length: 28 1/4 inches ( in the 3rd percentile – she is the length of an average 10 month)
Weight: 18 pounds 8 ounces (which is below the chart)
Head: 44.5cm (15th percentile)

But she is going up on her growth chart – ever so slowly – but it is still going in the right direction.

I see you!

I see you!


3 Comments on Jillian’s 15 Month Stats

  1. Jen says:

    Is she developing okay otherwise? Just a “small” person? Are the doctors concerned about her size? Is there anything that can be done about her size?

  2. Jen says:

    BTW, she’s such a cutie!!

  3. Amber says:

    Jillian is developing nicely – other than her size. The doctors have not really been concerned or worried she will be a “little person”. She is growing, just doing it slowly. We just need to keep feeding her lots of nutritious food and healthy fats.

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