Jillian has been turning into quite the nifty critter over the last few months. People are constantly amazed by her and I see more of myself in her than I care to admit.  Here are a few recent things of note:

  • She continues to be quite small, but sturdy.  She is roughly the size of a one year old.
  • She talks up a storm.  The girl knows a ton of words and can speak in four word sentences.  I work with a few people who can barely manage that.  Her favorite long phrase of late is Where are you ___? You can insert anything she is looking for in that blank: Mama, Dada, Wesley, Book, Boots, Food, Candy, Duck, whatever.
  • She sings.  She sings Moon, Moon, Moon by Laurie Berkner.  Not verbatim mind you, but good for the sub-two year old class:  “Moon, Moon, Moon … Night, night, night.”  She sings it especially when she is ready to go to sleep.  She uses a sweet sing-songy voice and tends to sway while she does it.
  • She is clearly in charge and cranky as all hell when she doesn’t get her way.  She storms around yelling “Mama! Mama! Mama!” when she wants attention.  Plus she grunts, yells, screams, and pushes when Wesley is giving her a hard time.
  • She is currently into ducks.  Books about ducks, toy ducks, and of course her duck chopsticks.  She will currently only use a bib that has a duck on it.
  • She is cutting her last four teeth.  Three have done the hard part and that last one should be done soon.  Thank goodness.   I think she officially has more teeth than I do now.
  • She is a cute little mirror image of Wesley.  When eating if Wesley takes a drink, Jillian takes a drink.  If Wesley drinks the milk from his cereal, Jillian puts down her spoon and picks up her bowl to drink too.
  • She has turned into quite the reader.  Time was she didn’t like to read books.  Now she loves them and loves to be read to.
  • She made it to 20lbs the other day.  So we now have her in a forward facing car seat!  It seems like a small victory, but it is so nice now that she can see out the window, look forward, get less sun in her eyes and we can see her and hand her things.  I think it will make car rides better in general.  She was testing out her new found leg room today by bouncing her feet and didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home.
  • She has not lost her love affair with all things spicy: BBQ sauce, Salsa, etc.  Just like her dad.
  • She gets all puffy around her eyes and her face turns all splotchy when she cries.  And they stay that way for quite a while after she stops.  Again, just like me.
  • She continues to be cute as a button.  What can I say?  Just like me.


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