Last Monday Wesley wrote a book. We put some paper together, folded it in half and stapled it to make it official. He was so excited. He drew the pictures and then dictated to me the text. To be honest the pictures don’t add a whole lot to the plot (they’re cute, but mostly squiggles) and since I don’t have a good way to get them online I’ll just give you the text.

Title: Love You Share

p1: Once upon a love you.
p3: Jillian loves duckies.
p4: Jillian loves turtles.
p6: Once upon a time.
p7: Love you Daddy.
p8: I miss you Daddy.
p9: I love Wesley. You love Wesley.
p10: And Baby Penguin loves Wesley.
p11: Daddy loves Baby Penguin.
p12: Yes. Love you Mommy.
p14: I love you.
p16: I miss you, love you Daddy.
p18: I love my new scissors. (also has picture of a tree)
p19: Now, I love you Jillian and Redmond.
p20: Happy Birthday Mom.
p21: I like playing with Redmond
p22: and I love playing with Daddy.
The End.

This melted my heart for obvious reasons. He wrote a second book, mostly about poop and butts. I’ll probably not be posting that one.



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