• kids are having their first "in my space" fight in the car. planning to build a wall down the middle or maybe jetson bubbles. #
  • leaving to hike onion creek trail, mckinney falls state park. http://is.gd/1M90V #
  • back from our 2.81 mile hike. Dreams of hiking th AT fading. It is 765 times longer. off to get ice cream. #
  • Amber and I have decided that RC Cola tastes like Pepsi that had ice in it, but now is flat and warm. Bluck… #
  • Just woke up from a three hour nap. Amber is now officially a saint. #
  • The Crow Paradox : NPR http://bit.ly/12gHDv –crows can recognize individual people, but people don't know crow #
  • Don't Worry he'll be chewing on the cat soon. RT: @codinghorror: sad moments in parenting#87: you realize your baby is, chewing on a cat toy #
  • 30 min on phone with ATT because modem forgot my username/passwrd. Nichole was nice, but really wanted me to restart my computer. A lot. #
  • I should add that if you have ATT DSL & your internet light is out, you need to login to modem 'cause it forgot who you are #
  • And no I did not restart my computer or reopen my browser or any of the other stupid things that were suggested. I just lied and said I did. #
  • RT: @donttrythis: Life expectancy in countries with Universal Healthcare vs. the US. http://bit.ly/yHnEM #
  • Heaven help me I'm at the sprint store. 65% chance there will be yelling. 10% there will be physical contact. 5% I get arrested. #
  • sprint how about this? whoever has the most lines on their acct gets to go first. Move over mr 3line family plan. I have 26 #
  • Typical sprint customer service, but I smiled throughout. Will do a jig on their corporate grave. I can't believe it is taking so long. #
  • I'm dreaming of some kind of magnetic restraint that keeps a kid safely
    /humanely in bed. Also it keeps them from screaming. #
  • RT: @Smarterware: Gmail Adds Custom SMTP Servers, Drops “On Behalf Of” http://bit.ly/4cMD7u #


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