We had a very busy week celebrating Easter.

It started off on Sunday 3/28.  We went to my mom’s house where Aunt Ashley and Grams put on quiet the spread.  The their Easter buckets were overflowing with books, candy and toys.

Then on Wednesday Grams and Auntie Ashely came to play and decorated cookies with us.

All of our yummy cookies.

The day before Easter we did our Easter egg coloring.  It was nice to have an extra adult to help the kids.  Ashley worked with Wesley and I got to work with Jillian.  Joshua did a great job documenting the process.

All set up.

Hands - nothing gets eggs out of dye better.
Hands…nothing gets eggs out of dye better.

We wanted to share the experience with Redmond too, so Joshua gave him a peeled egg.

But he is not sure what to do with it.

The kids broke open the egg and tried to force feed Redmond.

Easter morning the kids woke up around 8.  That never happens during the week…

Easter baskets were waiting for them at the table.

Then we put boots on and started our search for the 3 dozen eggs.

We got more pictures of Jillian because she searched pretty slowly.

Look how full his basket is!

Then after all the eggs were accounted for, we got ready to drive up to Sedro-Woolley to spend the day with family.

Our first stop was at Grandpa Geoff’s house.  No actual “Easter” celebrating went on – but we had a great time exploring the property.

Joshua found a baby snake.

I was so inspired by how brave Jillian was, that I held the baby snake too.

Then we found this big one. We thought is was just cold, but after we left Geoff told us that is had died. Poor thing.

Photo by Wesley.

Then we went to Yaya and Papa’s house.  The bunny left quiet the spread for these little bunnies.

Let the egg hunt begin!

Wesley gets his paper mache dinosaur egg open by using the fire hydrant to smash it.

Jillian saw what success Wesley had, so she tried to do it herself.

Got it!

Got it!

Playing with the toys from inside the dino egg.

We had such a wonderful day.  This is our first holiday back home in Washington.  It sure felt good to see the kids with all of the family!!!


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