We had a very mellow day today.  We took the kids to Target so they could pick out presents for each other.  They were super cute and were able to keep their gifts a secret the whole day.

Adrianne came over for dinner.  We had pork tenderloin with apples, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and Joshua made some beautiful and yummy french bread.  And for dessert we had delicious cream puffs from Beard Papa’s.

The kids were very excited when we told them they could open a present before bed.

Opening 1 gift each - that we of course picked out for them.

They were surprised to find pajamas from Grams and slippers from us.

Set up the snack for Santa and his reindeer.

And now it is time to go to bed.

Jillian fell right asleep.

Wesley not so much...

Why could Wesley not sleep??  Well – thanks to his very silly mom.  I went in to turn off his light, because he was fast asleep, and he was sleeping so weirdly that I thought would wake up.  So… I moved him a bit.  He rolled over and said to me “why are you doing that??”  This was taken about 15 minutes later.  He finally fell asleep 1 hour later.   I feel like such a bad mom!  Oh well – he is asleep now.  :)

Santa is done early - by 10:30.




Gifts from Santa to Wesley

Gifts from Santa to Jillian

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.


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