On Friday Joshua was off work (he is working the same schedule now that he did while we were in Austin – and it is great!) and we all went to the Spring Fair.

Jillian saw a commercial for it and saw that Dora would be there.  She was so excited to go and see Dora and Boots.  But she is rather scared of large fuzzy costumes…but she said she would not be scared and that she could not wait.

We got to the fair and it was starting to drizzle on us.  So we did some inside activities before we went to see Dora.

We went to the pig barn first:

He held his nose the whole time.

Next we went to see round one of the Dock Dogs competition.

We got a good spot.

In the round we saw - this dog was 2nd place - he jumped about 18 feet.

Now it was time to go and see Dora!  Hooray… Jillian was so excited.

Until she saw her!

She would not go near the line or even look at Dora.  And she was upset that Boots was not there.  She kept asking me why he was not with her.  She decided that he did not like the rain so he stayed home.

Next we went to the cow barn.  We got a to “milk” a cow.  It was filled with water – but it gave the kids the idea.

He said it was hard work and it made his hands sore.

Jillian got too close to the cow and got scared... poor thing!

Next was the Ag Magic show.

Watching so intently.

The kids were yelling back ” Thank a Farmer” after everything.  Thank a farmer for your toilet paper & for baseballs…  It was a bit strange but the kids enjoyed her.

After the show.

On our way to get some lunch the monster trucks were driving into the arena.

It was SO loud!

The last truck was very stinky...

I think Jillian was a bit shocked by the whole thing.

After lunch of curly fries and cotton candy, we went to the kids play room.  There was a lot to do in here:

A double sided Frigits' board.

Cool magnets to build with - this one looked like a dumbbell.

Free face painting.

It was a cool airbursh kind - it did not wear off.

For his left cheek: a spider and a web.

For her left cheek: a butterfly.

And for their right cheek: W - a lizard & J - a lady bug.

Then we saw all kinds of snakes, spiders, turtles, bugs and a bird.

This chameleon was very cool!

We took pictures in the garden.

Looked at a big spider through a microscope. (I was very proud of her since she is VERY scared of spiders.)

Ground some corn.

Made a bug hat.

And we made potato people. This one is Jillian's.

And this one is Wesley's.

Then it was off to see Dora one last time…maybe Jillian would see her if we tried again – and she wanted to try again.

Dora was on a break when we got there...So Wesley got his picture with just Backpack & Map. Jillian would not eve go for this.

She is waiting for Dora to come back - but up on Dad's shoulders where it is safe.

Wesley was excited to have his picture with Dora - but he did say after that it was a bit scary.

And then we went home.

All in all the Spring Fair was fun.  It was rainy – but it did not matter.  We were not planning on going on any rides anyway.  :)


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